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6 Best Medical Cards in Malaysia 2021

If you're looking for the best medical card in Malaysia , you've come to the right place. Private hospitals in Malaysia will normally require a deposit before they admit you. This can usually be paid by cash, debit card or credit card. However, if you have a medical card, most private hospitals will accept admission without the deposit (cashless admission), after receiving the guarantee letter from the medical insurance company. If you do not have a medical card, you might want to consider having one. Given the options available, it's not easy to decide which of these to choose from. We take a look at the most popular medical cards in Malaysia and try to assist you in deciding which gives you the best value. Compare best medical cards offering cashless admissions with flexible benefits and paying 100% of your medical bills, from major insurers in Malaysia. Here is the list: 1. AIA Medical Card Malaysia WEBSITE: ADDRESS: Menara AIA, 99 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kua

Best Medical Insurance for Senior Citizens Malaysia 2021

If you are looking for the best medical insurance for senior citizens in Malaysia , you've come to the right place. While it is generally known that getting some form of life insurance while you are young and healthy is a financially responsible move, a less common conversation revolves around insurance for the elderly. Should those in their golden years be covered by insurance? Is it even worth the money? Is Life Insurance For Senior Citizens Important? Life insurance is generally seen as a means to be an income replacement tool for your dependents in the event you pass away or suffer from total and permanent disability (TPD). Ideally, as you enter your golden years, you would likely have few or no dependents and little to no commitments – both these factors mean less incentive to get life insurance. In reality, that’s never the case. That 35-year home loan still has a number of years left, or there may be a car loan or other debt that needs servicing for the foreseeable future. S


Look to getting the  best vitamin C supplement in Malaysia ? Vitamin C is crucial for our body’s most vital functions. Apart from improving our immune system, vitamin C is needed to grow and repair the tissues in all parts of our body, making it an essential nutrient to grow skin, ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels. Apart from that, consuming a lot of vitamin C also makes our skin healthier.  Many varieties of vitamin C supplements are available online and offline at your local health stores and pharmacies such as Guardian and Watsons. As consumers, we'd like to think that the vitamins and supplements we buy are almost the same. In reality, this isn't always the case. While supplements are regulated in Malaysia, they aren’t held to the same safety standards as pharmaceuticals. Thus, it’s important to purchase supplements from reputable companies. Some third-party organizations, such as NSF International, ConsumerLab and LabDoor test supplements for purity and label accuracy.

N95 Masks and Surgical Masks in Malaysia: Where to Buy?

If you are looking for N95 masks or surgical masks in Malaysia , you've come to the right place.  Many N95 masks in Malaysia are available online and offline at your local health stores and pharmacies such as Caring Farmacy, Guardian and Watsons.  We have listed below some of the hottest deals for surgical masks and N95 masks on Lazada Malaysia.  We have listed multiple options and sources for you to choose from as most of them do go out of stock quickly. Do get them while stocks last. 1. Surgical Masks Chances of getting coronavirus: Six times less likely than wearing no mask 1.1. KF94 Korea 4 Ply Face masks (Editor's Choice) Buy Now on Lazada 1.2. Colorful 3 Ply Face Mask - 50PCS Colours :  Pink, Purple, Tiffany blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, Grey, White, Red, Rose Red, Blue RM15.90 >  Buy Now on Lazada 1.3. Floral 3 Ply Face Mask - 50PCS RM21.99 > Buy Now on Lazada 2. N95 Masks Chances of getting coronavirus: 78 times less likely than wearing no mask. 2.1. KN95 Ma