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Private Nurse Malaysia Price: Cost of Taking Care of the Elderly

Image - Taking care of an aging loved one during their twilight years can be trying emotionally, physically and financially. It is a long, tedious and meticulous full-time job which many find themselves unprepared to undertake. But in a time when many are struggling to take care of their own nuclear families; it’s getting even harder to budget for the care of their aging parents. Private care for the elderly It is frowned upon in the Asian culture to send the elderly to a nursing home. However, not many realise that it is not easy to take care of an aging loved one who may require round the clock care or specialised medical attention. Very few will have the luxury of staying home full-time and for families with a single income, it might not be enough to cover the cost of caring for the elderly. Insurance rarely covers these costs. In the event that it does, the question still remains of how long it will continue to do so. Mrs Y, 55, took care of her aging parents