Private Nurse Malaysia Price: Cost of Taking Care of the Elderly - Taking care of an aging loved one during their twilight years can be trying emotionally, physically and financially. It is a long, tedious and meticulous full-time job which many find themselves unprepared to undertake. But in a time when many are struggling to take care of their own nuclear families; it’s getting even harder to budget for the care of their aging parents.

Private care for the elderly

It is frowned upon in the Asian culture to send the elderly to a nursing home. However, not many realise that it is not easy to take care of an aging loved one who may require round the clock care or specialised medical attention. Very few will have the luxury of staying home full-time and for families with a single income, it might not be enough to cover the cost of caring for the elderly.

Insurance rarely covers these costs. In the event that it does, the question still remains of how long it will continue to do so.

Mrs Y, 55, took care of her aging parents at home. Her parents both suffered strokes with her mother being paralysed from the neck down. As a housewife, with her husband as the sole breadwinner, it cost her family an estimated RM10,000 a month. It costs them an additional RM2,000 for monthly check-ups at the hospital.

Mrs Y also had to hire three maids as they needed a minimum of two to take care of her mother, and the other to tend to her father and household chores. Hiring a maid does not come cheap let alone hiring three! Families need to pay roughly RM15,000 to the agency to find a maid and about RM600 a month for the maid’s salary. Thus, it cost about RM45,000 for Mrs Y’s three maids and RM1800 a month onwards.

Mrs Y’s rough breakdown figure per month (RM):

Three maids: 1800

Physiotherapist: 640

Medicine and medical facilities: 4000

Home nurse to train the maids: 4000

Total: RM10,440

Asked about the decision of taking care of her parents privately instead of sending her parents to a nursing home, Mrs Y said, “It definitely cost us a lot of money, but having my parents within arm’s reach and knowing that they are under my care gives me a peace of mind. I would only recommend doing so for those who can afford it though; as such exorbitant prices can really take its toll on the family’s emotional and well-being.”

Mrs Y was able to find maids with the RM600 salary bracket but such monthly salaries are now difficult if not impossible to find. Most maids require a monthly salary or RM800 and up. Those proficient in English cost even more: RM1400 and up.

For those unable to afford the price of such help and to stay home to care for elderly parents; the nursing home may be the only other option.

Nursing homes and their costs

Nursing home costs vary depending on the level of needs of the elderly. It ranges from RM800, for those who just need basic care and attention, to RM5000 for those that need constant medical attention. Additional costs may occur for items such as diapers.

Nursing homes in this case are definitely more affordable. However, it is always important to ensure the home is reputable and that you make visits often to ensure your loved one is taken care of. There are a few good nursing homes with excellent service and surroundings but these will come at a slightly higher price albeit not as high as hiring three maids and quitting your day job.

Not an easy feat

Let it be said again, that taking care of the elderly is no easy feat, but can be accomplished. Giving is the best form of communication that one can offer. Our loved ones, especially our parents, have cared for and given us so much when we were young. It is about right to only do the same for them. As always, do not wait for a crisis to happen: plan ahead, cut cost and set out options for when the time comes. Being well-prepared will ensure things run smoothly for the best for everyone.

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