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How Much Does It Cost to Retire in Malaysia?

Ever wondered how much does it cost to retire in Malaysia? Find out and compare various scenarios below. Although the numbers and statistics are everywhere on the internet, we have compiled and organised the information accordingly (by type of retirement) in one place. The pricing information below is based on the published prices from various sources available on blogs, forums and the internet. Semi-independent living Say, you are ageing healthily and have no major complications but may need some assistance such as house chores, which involves hiring a maid. You have paid your mortgage and car loan and have no outstanding loans and debts and want to live a simple lifestyle. Here’s how much you’ll spend on average in a year in today’s value: English-speaking maid: RM1,400 X 12 months = RM16,800 Medical check-up at a private hospital: RM1,500 Medication & supplements: RM150 x 12 months = RM1,800 Annual premium for medical insurance: RM3,500 Groceries: RM700 x 12 mon