N95 Masks and Surgical Masks in Malaysia: Where to Buy?

If you are looking for N95 masks or surgical masks in Malaysia, you've come to the right place. 

Many N95 masks in Malaysia are available online and offline at your local health stores and pharmacies such as Caring Farmacy, Guardian and Watsons. 

We have listed below some of the hottest deals for surgical masks and N95 masks on Lazada Malaysia. We have listed multiple options and sources for you to choose from as most of them do go out of stock quickly. Do get them while stocks last.

1. Surgical Masks

Chances of getting coronavirus: Six times less likely than wearing no mask

1.1. KF94 Korea 4 Ply Face masks (Editor's Choice)

1.2. Colorful 3 Ply Face Mask - 50PCS

Colours : Pink, Purple, Tiffany blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, Grey, White, Red, Rose Red, Blue

1.3. Floral 3 Ply Face Mask - 50PCS

2. N95 Masks

Chances of getting coronavirus: 78 times less likely than wearing no mask.

2.1. KN95 Mask Malaysia - 1 or 3 or 5pcs Reusable Face Mask with Valve Protection

RM 8.45 (5 pieces) > Buy Now on Lazada
RM 5.67 (3 pieces) > Buy Now on Lazada
RM 1.99 (1 piece) > Buy Now on Lazada

2.2. Ready Stock KN95 Mask SUSISUN

2.3. 3M Protection Class N95/ KN95 Model 3M 9501V Protective Face Mask N95/ PM 2.5 Protection Mask 1 Piece Pack - White

Price: MYR 25 > Store: Lazada Malaysia

2.4. KF 94 Korean Face Mask - 50pcs

RM 15.50 > Buy Now on Lazada

2.5. KN95 Face Mask 5 Ply Layer Anti-fog Strong Protective Mouth Mask Respirator - 10pcs

RM3.60 > Lazada Malaysia

3. 3M 6200 Reusable Half Face-piece Respirator/ Mask Medium Size [Respirator Only, Not Including Cartridge/ Filter]

Chances of getting coronavirus: 100 times less likely than wearing no mask

4. Double-sided Anti-fog Face Shield Transparent Protective Face Cover

RM 2.20 > Buy Now on Lazada 

Face shields, plastic covers over the whole face that function as visors have some advantages over cloth masks. First, unlike cloth masks, they can be cleaned with soap and water or disinfectants and reused over and over because they are plastic and won't degrade.

Second, face shields are more comfortable to wear, especially on hot days, since they are not placed directly over your mouth and nose and allow free breathing.

Finally, and most importantly, face shields protect you better than face masks because they protect not the mouth and nose but the eyes as well.

Read More: Coronavirus



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